Ready for a little more LOVE in your life?

How would it feel to wear a stunning piece of jewelry that will not only look beautiful on you, but it will also give you an energetic lift as it raises your love-bliss frequency?


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Our Pearl Cuff Love Stack is just what you need.

Specially made with a combination of both cultured pearls and natural rose quartz it will open your heart to be able to receive unconditional love.For thousands of years and in almost every culture on Earth, pearls have become symbols of love and relationships. They exude a feminine, grace and elegance that have captivated royalty and celebrities alike from Princess Diana to Jackie Onassis and Marilyn Monroe.Pearls have long been known to help to balance the natural rhythms and hormone levels of the human body and syncs it with the lunar cycles.

How does it raise your vibration and open your heart chakra?

Rose quartz is a very special crystal. The atoms in rose quartz vibrate at 350 harmonic hertz so when you bring this crystal into the proximity of your body, your atoms entrain to the higher frequency of the rose quartz. 

If you want to feel unconditional love pulsing through your body you have to have your heart chakra cleansed and fully open. When your heart chakra is a clear and open channel, you are essentially opening the door to invite more love into your life…. Not just romantic love, but every form and variation of love.

Not just romantic love, but every form and variation of love.

Pearls have been cherished for bringing inner wisdom and to strengthen and nurture the growth of pure love.

The healing benefits of Pearls have been passed down for centuries from healers all across the world for enhancing feelings of good will and positivity and they calm and soothe one’s emotions.


Frequently asked questions

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